It was in the early 80ies (about '85) when the CAZAL top model was put on the market. First the 951 and then later a very similar model (just a small difference) the 955. Both model were available in different type of colors. They were available in gold, black, white, red,... and of course different colours of glasses.The models in the U.S. were very different from the models that were sold in europe because people from overseas had obviously a different taste. So you can still find red frames with diamonds and blue glasses in the U.S. that you would never find here in europe even if CAZAL is homebased here in Germany. But because these glasses were high quality products and not cheap glasses for 5$, most of the B-Boys were not able to buy them because they were very expensive (up to 500$ depending the collection). So there was just the possibility to snatch them. In the Bronx people were even killed for a CAZAL frame.Cari Zalloni himself was very shocked about this fact. The CAZAL BOYS even made a song of it and it was called "SNATCHIN CAZALS" ('85 Tempre Records) Go to the download section for downloading the song.



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