In the late eighties Cari Zalloni (Chief designer for lifetime from CAZAL) created 2 Sunglasses that should change the Hip-Hop community. The Cazal 951 and 955 were born! Click on history for more information. Of course Cari Zalloni created much more than just 2 frames but this page is tribute to the 2 best of them and some other typical b-boy frames like the 607 and 821  

Cari Zalloni is a designer of outstanding reputation. An eyewear designer. His Cazal sunglasses (a name derived by combining the first syllables of his first and last names) are characterized by an aggressive styling, unique detailing and unparalleled craftsmanship. Not to mention his design attitude. He says,"A designer eyewear line that pleases everyone is unlikely to inspire. Good design must be thought-provoking."

For more than thirty years, Cari Zalloni has been an eyewear designer of outstanding reputation and international renown. His genius for eyewear has earned him high status as one of the few true eyewear designers in the world. The name CAZAL, a condensed version of his name (CAri ZALloni), also means quality in jewelry, sports equipment and home furnishings.

Cari Zalloni designs CAZAL Eyewear in his Austrian villa. Travelling the world, he gathers inspiration for his unique designs. As he states it, he has "developed a continental identity with...regional peculiarities". His styling appeals to discriminating consumers on every continent. His zest for life, sense of humor and positive, emotional nature flow generously into his work.

Zalloni believes that wearers of his signature eyewear seek originality and define themselves by their frame of mind and high standards. Their sense of style is distinctive, their choice in eyewear reflects their fashion taste, and they are willing to embrace new ideas. Designing to this audience has resulted in a collection of luxurious eyewear designed to both complement and enhance an individual's personal aura. After all, Zalloni believes that eyeglasses are never just about seeing. They always reveal something about the inner self of their wearer. Indeed, his unique and inventive colorations coupled with 24k gold-plating seem to spring from the mind of a true artist.

Cazal sunglasses are available in a broad range of styles well-suited to the individual for whom accessories such as sunglasses are an expression of their personal style, yet expect them to perform up to their high standards and flatter both their appearance and personality.

Even today, every CAZAL creation springs from behind the mind of Cari Zalloni and is sketched by his hand. He invents unique and exquisite colorations. He approves samples before his designs are produced and regularly checks production.

Often copied, but never duplicated, CAZAL colorations are an integral part of the exclusive image of Cazal frames. Zalloni's use of china lacquers is extensive, more challenging and costly to work with than commonly seen enameling. Once perfected, these exciting colors are applied by at least one or in combination with the following precision techniques:
-- hand-painted with brush and sponge application
-- treated with a "smudge mark" brush
-- color injected with a needle
-- sprayed with an airbrush
-- color dipped
-- multi-hued foil decoration

The last process is of especial pride at the CAZAL factory. Foil technology has been developed to perfection. Via a heat process, the color pigments of a foil are transferred to a frame previously treated with lacquer.

How many microns of Gold?

The number fluctuates. What is worthwhile to emphasize is the flawless procedure of applying the microns of gold, as this is where responsibility for long-term adhesion rests. CAZAL's application
procedures are among the most stringent in the world. Quality is never compromised.

The luxurious look of Cazal metals is the result of three layers of 24 carat gold-plating applied to Monel, an extremely strong and resilient alloyed metal, consisting mainly of nickel/silver. The layers are:
-- adhering gold
-- dense gold
-- coloring gold

The layering process also includes the application of the costly and non-allergenic Palladium.

The designer is very "hands-on" throughout design, fabrication and manufacture. Each sunglasses design is an "original" cazal, conceived and hand-sketched by Zalloni himself. All materials are hand-selected, unique coloration and their application techniques are invented, and all samples are personally approved. The best quality materials are used for all eyewear components including
pads, hinges and screws, welds are near invisible, and china lacquers are used instead of enamels. All cazal sunglasses  finishes are electro-coated, an expensive varnishing procedure produces a consistent finish and ensures longevity of the coloration and finish, and each exquisite eyewear frame is white-glove polished to perfection.


14th of February 2003

This day was a very important one for me, because I had the oportunity to meet Mr. Cari Zalloni in person. Thanx to Günter "YOGI" Lauke who made it possible! In Offenbach in the nice Ristorante Italiana "Die Zwei" we talked until 2.30am - and it was really interesting. Here (are) some pics from this (important) meeting.


Cari Zalloni with me wearin a dope CAZAL 951 (col. 70)


Cari Zalloni with me and Bomber (3$ Oakley glasses *smile*) and his girlfriend


Nice license plate :-)


No doubt. I've been there!